James F. Wilson is a Dallas,Texas based commercial photographer specializing in architectural photography and interior photography. He brings 25 years of experience in the production of high quality images for the built environment. First in large format film and now in high resolution digital capture combined with architectural  lighting  great care is taken to produce the fine architectural image.

Early in the development of his photographic interest he encountered the work of Ansel Adams which opened the world of photographic precision. Working with the light, controling the composition and fine tuning the exposure and development became the working vocabulary. At first in the natural landscape and later in commercial and architectural photography this ethos has served well to bring all the elements of a subject together to form a refined image. The advent of digital imaging has brought a new set of tools that has elevated image quality to a new level and the equipment and techniques  necessary to achieve this quality have been acquired. In addition to fine image quality is a focus on client service and satisfaction to insure that you achieve the greatest benefit from your images.